We are “locals”, and we like to explore. Weather traveling to the other side of the world or in my own neighborhood we get a thrill to find something new, relevant and really connect with the the local you occupy and those who share it with you. With this in mind we have created We ride Plus. A place where you can find a careful selection of local info worth knowing about, resources and services so you can connect with your chosen place. You can meet the locals and enjoy the best experiences. An opportunity to feel the pulse of your destination and participate in what makes it tick.

We offer:

1. A careful selection of the best and hardest to find, quality services: We have carefully tested, selected, curated and mentored the offerings on our platform so we can be confident they are worthy of your time and money.

2. Fair pricing for our Service providers: We Ride started as a Bicycle tour service and we were struggled with 3rd party sellers.. We do not want to be part of this problem. We pledged to add more value to the seller and the customer and minimise commision, and that is what we do.

Safe booking and attentive concierge service: Your vacation should be fun and not work. Let us handle the ticketing and use our local knowledge to suggest the best while you have fun.


3. We didn’t start as a platform offering the best of local attractions and events. We started on our bicycles, with friends exploring our own neighbourhoods and involved in its happenings. We started with a passion to share the experience and and embrace the local dynamic. We started with community rides and bike tours and we built a diversity of awesome local friends doing awesome stuff and welcoming the whole world to join in. And now we have grown so we can give back and facilitate our friends in getting the exposure they deserve as well as facilitate the whole world in finding the best of the best! locally.